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Volume I ·  2021

Examining the Historical and Contemporary Role of Azerbaijani Jews

About the author: Nicholas Castillo is a rising Junior at the George Washington University double majoring in political science and international affairs. His interests include nationalism, sectarianism, the former Soviet Union, and the Middle East. He is a member of Sigma Iota Rho, a collegiate honor society for international studies.

Effects of the Belt and Road Initiative on the Southern Caucasus

About the author: James Chen goes to school at Choate Rosemary Hall in Wallingford, Connecticut. He is interested in how the world works and why it is the way that it is, so his main interests are the humanities and economics. He plans on majoring in one of these topics in college to further his understanding. Outside of school, he plays water polo and swims to stay healthy.

Politicization of History: Revisiting the Events of Early 20th Century Anatolia

About the author: Aghameli Meherremov is a student from Baku, Azerbaijan who attended the local Bayil district public school. His primary interests include history and interethnic relations, and he feels passionate about finding ways to establish peace between warring states, particularly in the Caucasus, his native region. Outside of school, Aghameli competes as a wrestler and likes to work with children in coastal Bakuvian suburbs over the summer. 

The Ideological Significance of the Revisionist Causes of the Second Russo-Persian War (1826-1828)

About the author: Kevin Khadavi is a rising senior at Great Neck North High School in Great Neck, New York, where he is the president and founder of the Classics Club and first-chair Alto Saxophone. He is a four-time gold medalist on the National Latin Exam and a two-time blue-ribbon recipient on the National Greek Exam. He is primarily interested in History and Classics and enjoys finding connections between the two subjects. Kevin values personal relationships and has undertaken numerous oral history projects with prominent historical figures including Vice President Walter F. Mondale and Freedom Rider Jerome Smith. Kevin is of Iranian descent - all of his grandparents and his mother were born in Iran. He enjoys listening to historical speeches and learning from virtuous figures of the past. 

The Battle for the Caucasus

About the author: Steven Li is a Junior at Hackley School in Tarrytown, New York. He is the all-school treasurer and represents Hackley in Varsity Soccer, Squash, and Golf. He also enjoys cooking and photography.

The Fight for Assyrian Independence

About the author: Matt Multari is a junior at Harvard College studying for a joint major degree in Government and Near Eastern Studies. His future plans are to work in the fields of business and entrepreneurship. His hobbies include playing guitar, martial arts, and reading. 

The Circassian Genocide

About the author: Chengyi Situ is a rising senior at Phillips Academy Andover. On-campus, he is the president of the PA History Association and an avid Varsity PF Debater who competes in national tournaments. William is passionate and feels deeply responsible for the cause of historical research. He spends most of his extracurricular time volunteering at the school archives, curating and digitizing the existing collection. Over the past year, William has conducted two Oral History projects: one on the Covid-19 Pandemic at Andover and another on Chinese immigrants from the Greater Boston area. William hopes that he can use humanities and his research as a platform to challenge the dominant narratives that have established false dichotomies in the education system.

The Alash Orda in Soviet Kazakhstan

About the author: Eshwar Venkataswamy is a rising senior at Phillips Academy. He enjoys conducting oral histories, having completed interview projects ranging from the achievement gap between LatinX and White students in Southern California to the gender disparities in intrahousehold food allocation in India. Eshwar intends to study cultural anthropology with the lofty mission of decolonizing the field. In his free time, he watches cooking shows and runs a podcast.

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