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South Caucasus Review

South Caucasus Review is an annual publication for high school and university students to present their research on the Caucasus and its surrounding regions. The goal of this project is to encourage students to develop their research skills and to learn more about this part of the world. Each essay is published in three languages - English, Russian, and Azerbaijani - which served as the lingua franca of the Caucasus during various periods of its history. 


Authors: Nicholas Castillo, James Chen, Aghamali Meherremov, Kevin Khadavi, Steven Li, Matthew Multari, Chengyi Situ, Eshwar Venkataswamy. 

Translators: Murad Akhmedov, Dilbar Hasanova, Ofeliya Huseynzada. 

Website: Paul Kogan

Editor: Ibrahim Mammadov

Note - the citations are included in the language that the essay was originally submitted in. 

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